AAHA Accredited

Becoming an AAHA-accredited animal hospital means committing to the highest standard of veterinary excellence. Did you know that a majority of practices in the United States and Canada are not accredited? Only 12-15% of small animal hospitals in North America are accredited with the American Animal Hospital Association, the sole accrediting institution for veterinary practices. At Maplewood Animal Hospital, we know how important it is to guarantee quality medicine and customer service to our patients and clients, day after day. Call our team at (765) 284-3393 to schedule an appointment for your pet!

What Does the American Animal Hospital Association Do?

The American Animal Hospital Association, or AAHA as it is most commonly known, was founded in 1933 by veterinary professionals seeking to raise the standard of quality offered in the industry. Today, AAHA continues to stay ahead of the curve regarding advances in veterinary medicine, updating their guidelines and conducting routine inspections of accredited practices. Their goal is to help animal hospitals set themselves apart by setting the bar high—and that means adhering to over 900 different standards!

How Does My Pet Benefit from Your Accreditation?

When you visit our AAHA-accredited animal hospital in Muncie, you’ll know the difference right away. From the warm welcome you and your pet receive to the level of treatment we provide, there is no question that our practice operates at a much higher level.

Here are some of the ways we do this:

  • Technicians, assistants, and veterinarians must wear sterile gowns, masks, and gloves while working in our surgical suite
  • We implement the latest safety and sanitation protocols in all areas of our hospital
  • All patient records are kept accurate, up-to-date, and organized
  • Communication is essential to your pet’s care—that’s why we follow up with our clients after pet surgeries, dental procedures, and other important treatments and contact clients as soon as possible after receiving blood work results
  • We take pain management extremely seriously, providing tailored solutions with regard for every pet’s age, size, health history, and temperament

There is so much more that we do to maintain our AAHA accreditation. Contact us at (765) 284-3393 if you would like to know more! You can also visit aaha.org for additional information.