Cat and Dog X-Rays and Diagnostic Testing in Muncie, IN

Your pet’s overall health cannot be surmised by a physical exam alone. Diagnostics are a necessary part of caring for your pet, whether they are currently healthy or need to be treated for an illness. At Maplewood Animal Hospital in Muncie, we employ a variety of tests, in addition to digital radiography, to gain valuable insight on your pet’s condition and provide the level of care they require for a healthy and happy life.

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Dog X-Rays and Diagnostics in Muncie, IN

Why We Recommend Lab Testing

Similar to how you see a doctor for routine blood work, your pet also needs to visit with their veterinarian for health screens. In addition to helping us set a baseline for their medical history, we also highly recommend yearly testing with the hopes of detecting any unusual changes at the earliest possible stage. Early detection is key to preventing serious diseases and extending your pet’s life.

A few tests we recommend include:

  • Heartworm testing
  • Fecal testing (intestinal parasites)
  • Tick-borne disease testing
  • Blood chemistry (allows us to measure electrolytes, glucose, proteins, and more)
  • Complete blood count (CBC)
  • Comprehensive panels for assessing organ function

Along with using our own in-house lab in Muncie, we also enlist the services of specialty laboratories for more complex and comprehensive analyses. For urgent cases, however, we prefer to do whatever testing we can in-hospital.

Cat Diagnostics and Testing in Muncie, IN
Pet Diagnostics and Testing in Muncie, IN

Cat and Dog Digital X-Rays in Muncie

Capturing high-quality X-ray images in less time is one of the hallmarks of digital radiography, which also uses significantly less radiation than traditional film X-ray. Overall, this means that we can do an even better job of diagnosing conditions that may only be discernible via X-ray, and cause less stress for your pet. Call our practice in Muncie at 765-284-3393 today!