CATImage00051Comprehensive Veterinary Care Means Better Pet Health
At Maplewood Animal Hospital, the best care for every stage of your pet’s life, from birth to the senior years, is our highest priority. Twice-a-year wellness examinations let us assess your pet’s current health status and allow us to chart and observe any changes in his or her condition, including the teeth. The more complete your pet’s medical history is, the better we can understand him or her. Early diagnosis and treatment of illness helps keep your pet healthier.

Helpful Pet Care Information for You
Whether you have a first new puppy or kitten in your family or you are very experienced at caring for pets, we hope that you will get helpful information from these web pages that will complement the facts and suggestions you receive during your visits to our hospital.

Our veterinarians always look forward to talking with you about vaccinations, blood tests, pet nutrition, dental problems or treatments, and any other concerns you may want to ask about. We believe that the best care for your pet is possible with our team approach—and we value you as a member of the team.