Dr. Rebecca Atitya

Start Date: May 2021 Hometown: Clovis, CA Education: UC Merced – BS in Human Biology Doctor of Veterinary Medicine – Ross University w/ clinical at University of Illinois Hobbies: Hiking, golf, baking, hanging with friends and loved ones, sailing Fun Fact: I used to be a zookeeper! I trained a cougar and fox to perform veterinary exams in a…

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Dr. Michael Brown

Start Date: January 2016 Hometown: Manhattan, Kansas Education: Bachelors in Animal Science – Kansas State University, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine – Kansas State University Hobbies: Biking, woodworking, and traveling Fun Fact: I competed in the 2021 WA360 sailing race with my high school best friends. Pets: Tarlee – Australian Shepherd, Roma – Australian Shepherd, Tortilla – Cat, Snuggles – Cat Why…

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Dr. Andy Fipp

Start Date: April 2016 Hometown: Leo, Indiana Education: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine – Purdue University Hobbies: Reading and sports (Basketball, Football, Baseball) Fun Fact: I have 9 older brothers and sisters! Pets: Blackie and Pebbles Why did you become a vet? To help people and animals live better lives!

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