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Raising Quality of Life with Pet Wellness Care

How can you give your pet the best chance to live the maximum number of years? By committing to routine wellness visits with your veterinarian here in Muncie. We strongly recommend yearly exams for your pet at every stage of their life, so we can monitor their health and offer valuable advice for you. Together, we can better prepare you and your pet for inevitable changes and prevent conditions such as heartworm disease, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and much more.

Happy dog at the vet: Pet Wellness Care in Muncie

Breaking Down the Wellness Visit

The wellness visit is a multifaceted tool for understanding your pet’s health as fully as possible and working to improve it. This includes:

  • Performing a complete physical and oral exam and checking your pet’s vitals
  • Doing blood tests to check their blood cell count, liver and kidney values, and thyroid function
  • Screening your pet for intestinal parasites, heartworm disease, and tick-borne diseases
  • Recommending and/or administering parasite preventatives, which your pet should receive year-round
  • Core and lifestyle vaccines given on a regular schedule
  • Providing counseling on nutrition, exercise, behavior, and more

Schedule a wellness visit for your pet to make sure they’re living up to their healthiest potential.

My Pet Doesn’t Go Outside—Are Parasites Still a Threat?

Yes. Mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks can all find their way into your home. Every house has areas of entry for these pests, which is why prevention is so important. When your pet has full flea, tick, and heartworm protection, you can worry less about their risk of becoming infected with any parasite-transmitted diseases.

Vet holding kitten: Pet Wellness Care in Muncie

Why Prevention Should Always Come Before Treatment

Maplewood Animal Hospital has the capabilities necessary for treating a variety of conditions, but treatment often comes at a cost to both the client and the patient. Prevention keeps your pet in much better health and is more cost-effective for you.


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